Best lobster restaurants in Anegada, BVI

Where is the absolute best lobster in the BVI?
Fancy a bit of a Caribbean treat? We've asked the locals and our friends from the BVI Tourism Board... Let's check them out!

In a fortuitous series of events, Anegada was not affected back in 2017 when Hurricane Irma hit other islands of the BVI volcanic chain. So everything that made Anegada special remained open for business since. This is true also of its wealth of exquisite lobster restaurants. 

Instead of the volcanic hills of Tortola, Anegada is the only coral island in the British Virgin Islands, dotted with low loblolly, turpentine trees, sea grape and wild orchids. 

While many of the restaurants feature seafood including the succulent Caribbean spiny lobster, Anegada is an island that is the most popular location for lobster. Lobster fishermen here get lobsters from areas around the island. We’ve made a special shortlist of some of Anegada’s most beloved restaurants for a lobster treat: 


Located at Setting Point, Anegada. Just to the west of the government ferry dock. Want to dine with your feet in the Caribbean sand? At Potter’s by the Sea, you can dig your toes into the sand as you dine on the beach under the starlit evening sky.

All their food is prepared fresh daily. You watch as your lobster is pulled fresh from the sea and cooked on our open charcoal B.B.Q. grills. Most of the entrees are cooked on open barbecue grills using special wood, collected from the interior of the island, which gives a very special flavor.

Finding an ideal romantic Hotel in Anegada does not have to be difficult. Plus you’ll get a truly special lobster dinner. You can get there with your catamaran or sailing boat and after settling down you can take a dinghy to the shore. Travelers who have been at Anegada Reef Hotel claim the lobster never tasted this good anywhere else they ate it. You could see on the deck two guys cleaning freshly caught lobster and grilling in big barrel-like grills. Experience not to be missed.

The Lobster Trap is a captivatingly beautiful restaurant situated at the water's edge in Anegada. The main dining area is located over the water and gives guests a full view of amazing sunsets and moonlight dining. A nicely built jetty reaches out into the harbor with a hand-painted sign reading ‘Lobster Trap’. The specialty of the house is Big Daddy lobsters. For $50 you get a three-course meal of green salad, bread, lobster, and dessert.

The Wonky Dog bar and restaurant is on the water’s edge at Benders Point next to the mooring field. Make sure you try their lobster special combined with their pina colada and the views overlooking the anchorage and sunsets. Basically a must-visit!

Want to get in the mood for some lobster at home, perhaps as you think of your next sail to the British Virgin Islands? We’ve asked the expert, here’s chef Lawrence's recipe from the Anegada Reef Hotel.

  • Fresh lobster
  • Garlic cloves
  • Butter
1) Split your fresh lobster in half and remove the insides, that are non-edible;
2) Wrap the shell side in foil leaving the flesh part not covered. Now prepare your barbeque grill using your favourite wood. The hotter the better. Using a paper towel remove the excess water from the flesh side of the lobster. Now place your lobster on the grill, foil side down;
3) Cover the grill right away and let it cook for 15mins on hot fire;
4) Using a paper towel remove excess water and liquid from the lobsters once again;
5) Baste lobsters with drawn butter (add garlic if desired). Cook for another 15 mins or until meat pulls away from the shell. Now remove from the grill and take the foil off and plate lobster to your desire;
6) Baste once again with drawn butter and garnish how you see fit.

This content was written in collaboration with the British Virgin Islands Tourism Board. Follow them on FB @BritishVirginiIs or Instagram @BritishVirginIs
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