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10 Best Local Dishes & Culinary Experiences
Discover the top 10 must-try dishes and culinary experiences in St. Thomas! From fresh seafood to local favorites, satisfy your food cravings.

The world has various Virgin Islands, such as the American Virgin island, the British Virgin Islands, and Jamaica Virgin Islands, among others. The US Virgin Islands are a dreamy getaway to paradise. Plus, one doesn’t even need a passport to travel there. Besides, It would be fair to say that food is one of the rare elements everyone loves; whether rich or poor, happy or sad, food keeps one going. However, it is vital for the food to taste good and leave the eater full of contentment.

How to know where you can get food that tastes great around the town? Well, look no further, for this article lists the best dishes one can have the pleasure of enjoying in St. Thomas! With a myriad of dishes and cuisines, St. Thomas is home to some of the finest restaurants overlooking the mesmerizing Caribbean Sea.


A term that often comes up when talking about St. Thomas’ food options is Lobster Mania! Serving some of the softest, most delicious, buttery lobster Meat with a traditional taste specialty of the Caribbean ambiance, St. Thomas has uncountable restaurants that can satisfy anyone’s lobster cravings. From PRIME at Paradise Point to The Twisted Cork Cafe, the luxury of enjoying a lobster is available at all times around the island. The captivating view that comes with many of these restaurants is only a perk that makes the food 10 times more delectable! Moreover, if visitors fancy a lobster while on the go, their demand is met by food trucks serving the freshest lobster rolls in all of St. Thomas.

Though there are only three main meals a day, who’s to say no to a tasty snack? Perfectly seasoned ground meat wrapped in a delicious pastry, pate, is the ideal snack to relish in St. Thomas. The meat comes in a variety of options, like spicy chicken, beef, fish, etc., to meet everyone’s palettes. One famous place serving pate is The New Ashley’s Restaurant, a small road-side place that takes visitors on a journey back in time. The authentic flavor of the food leaves one wanting more!

As bizarre as it may sound to the new foodies, bull foot soup, or cow heel soup, is one of the most famous St. Thomas treats. With a uniquely Caribbean taste, the bull foot soup is a must-have for all visitors! The dish is made using vegetables, spices, peas, and a bull’s foot. Caribbean spices wholeheartedly play their role in amping up the flavor of the soup. After simmering for hours on end, the dish is ready to be devoured. Not only does the dish taste exceptional, but it is also very filling and gratifying.

It’s not the one that comes to the mind :)! Fungi, very different from its name, is a dish made from cornmeal, served as a local St. Thomas food. The dish comes in a variety, from mashed-potatoes texture to ball-shaped; it is served with fish and other side dishes, including tomatoes and onions. Fungi, pronounced as foon-jee, is as appetizing as its name is not. It is a staple Caribbean dish that everyone must try at least once! Cuzzins, one of St. Thomas’ most historical and classic restaurants, is the best place to test out Fungi for the first time.

As fun as its name, Callaloo Soup is a fun dish with unique flavors that scream the Caribbean. The soup is full of vitamins and other important nutrients. It is made from various green vegetables, spices, and meat and is a great option for all spice lovers. What’s even better is that Callaloo soup is also available in vegan for all the animal lovers and protectors out there. The history of Callaloo Soup is as rich as it is. The dish was founded by the slaves that settled in the Caribbean and took inspiration from the Amerindians.

What could be the best way to enjoy island cuisine if not by tasting the sea? Conch, large-sized sea snails, are fresh seafood found in almost every eating place in St. Thomas. Being very similar to clams in taste and texture, conch is served in many ways, from stir-fry to boiled and blended with sauces. In all of its forms, Conch is a highly recommended dish for its tropical taste and exotic flavors. Jen’s Cafe, a small street-side place with an artistic vibe, serves some of the best conch available in St. Thomas!

A juicy steak with a delicious wine is the classic food we all need occasionally. Serving the best steak in St. Thomas is the restaurant Prime in Paradise Point. Tender and seasoned meat with minimum fat and a tonne of flavor, Prime’s steak leaves everyone speechless. The fine wine available adds to the luxury and grandiose of the place and food. The cherry on top is the view and ambiance of the place. Overlooking the St. Thomas Harbor, the sight beholding one from the restaurant paints the perfect picture for a romantic date night or creating an everlasting memory.

The name, Dumb Bread, comes from the traditional style of baking this delicious treat. The bread consists of a rich round loaf, often seasoned with coconut flavor, filled with butter on the inside. Dumb Bread is a great small snack or dessert to enjoy any time of the day with a cuppa. Fun fact, some believe that the name comes from how easy it is to make the bread. One of the most recommended places to try Dumb Bread is Cup-N-Kettle Tea House.

Not the authentic Italian, however, Pizza Pi gives the pizza a Caribbean twist of its own. It is an aboard Pizza joint that lets one swim with the snorkels as they enjoy some of the softest and most mouth-watering pizzas ever! Hearty, delightful, and fulfilling, Pizza Pi’s Pork You Pizza beats every other flavor. With a thin crust and a mixture of toppings, including ham and mozzarella, Pork You Pizza is bound to make customers come back for more. With its unique flavor and innovative setting, Pizza Pi is a must-visit for all Pizza lovers.

Unlike the usual cakes with their heavy creams and dense textures, Johnny Cakes are simple, thin, fried, and made from cornmeal. Unknown to the outside world, Johnny Cakes are a super popular snack in St. Thomas. The cakes are simple and classic and a small treat for everyone at any time. Island Flavor, a small local restaurant, serves some of the finest Johnny Cakes in St. Thomas. Fun fact, it is believed that name came to be about when Americans mispronounced the Indian name for the cake, i.e., Shawnee Cakes.
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