How it works

An unforgettable sailing vacation planned completely for you

Chat with our charter consultant

A brief conversation is the best way for us to learn about your vacation style, answer any questions, and understand how we can custom tailor your experience.

We just sent you a welcome e-mail. Please find it for more information.

We'll present you a custom proposal

After the initial consultation we’ll present several yachts that best match your needs, hand-picked from the finest options available today

We'll reserve your yacht and take care of everything else

After choosing your catamaran and travel dates we'll confirm your yacht’s availability and help you prepare for your voyage

Yacht charter basics

From easy booking to smooth sailing

Variety of water toys on board

Guests can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and even jet skiing. These water toys provide endless opportunities for adventure and exploration, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. Whether it's gliding through the waves on a kayak or discovering hidden coves while snorkeling, the inclusion of water toys adds an extra element of excitement and fun to the charter experience.

First invoice payment
After signing the charter agreement, you’ll receive the first invoice by e-mail. This will be either 25% or 50% of the charter fee, depending on timing, and can be paid by ACH or wire transfer
Completing your charter booking
From choosing your charter to embarkation
Signing the charter agreement
Choose your charter
2-5 days
5-7 days
60 days before embarkation
Final invoice payment
If from the moment of signing the contract until the voyage is more than a year, there will be three installments, of 25%, 25%, and 50%
Call with the crew
Decide on the location, yacht, number of guests and travel dates. Discuss special conditions such as extra nights on board, pets and so on. Learn about details such as water toys and scuba diving
We put your favorite yacht on a temporary hold to allow for execution of the agreement and first payment. Once the payment is made, the charter is fully reserved
Preference sheet sent
Preference sheet complete
Some information must be provided by law by all the guests
To help us provide the perfect charter, please complete Preference sheet. This information will be shared with your yacht crew and will be used to tailor your charter to your group's desires
We will send you a link to our preference sheet by e-mail. This link should be distributed to all charter participants
40 days before embarkation
30 days before embarkation
Charter embarkation
The crew will call you 10 days before the charter to introduce themselves and share their recommended itinerary, specifically tailored to your group
10 days before embarkation