Corporate Charter

A luxury "corporate yacht charter” offers a fantastic platform to impress potential clients, boost the morale of employees and implement team-building exercises in unique and memorable settings. The spectacular backdrops, vibrant atmosphere and unparalleled service available on a luxury yacht charter are perfectly suited to industry networking, formal business meetings and hosting exclusive events, all delivered with a big impact

A charter yacht offers a fresh and innovative venue for a corporate party or hospitality event, encompassing all the perks of a land-based venue with the incredible aspect of varying locations and unrivaled luxury. A corporate event can be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of your business and clients, with the knowledge and expertise of an experienced charter crew to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Corporate charters are a great opportunity to improve colleague relationships and encourage team bonding. Team building exercises can include water sports or on-shore excursions, where teams can work together or engage in some jovial competitive spirit.

In order to permit a large number of guests, yachts can be chartered in a fleet before cruising together in tandem. A fleet of charter yachts allows for additional activities, where onboard guests can enjoy the throes of competitive spirit whilst improving their working relationships.


When it comes to rewarding top-performing employees there is no better way to recognize their hard work and recent achievements than with a luxury yacht charter. High-achieving employees, along with their spouses and families will remember a week-long charter experience for a lifetime, with water toys and luxury amenities on board to ensure there is something for everyone. This unique and positive business incentive will motivate employees in a way like no other, leaving them feeling valued, rewarded and thoroughly rejuvenated.

The Yacht

Corporate yacht charters have become increasingly popular with executives looking to organize important meetings or close a business deal away from the distractions of the office. A charter yacht provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships with clients and suppliers in complete comfort, whilst the host can benefit from the flexibility of choice available throughout.

Luxury charter yachts can offer a wide range of onboard facilities to accommodate specific requirements, such as conference rooms and formal meeting spaces. Communication equipment on board can include Wi-Fi, on-board telephone and email access to ensure easy and reliable connections with your office at home.

Many luxury charter yachts feature fantastic al fresco dining areas, perfect for meetings in a uniquely informal setting without sacrificing comfort and discretion. A corporate yacht charter offers the perfect balance between business and pleasure in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
The Experience

When considering the many choices available to you for a corporate yacht charter, it is important to ensure all requirements are met to the finest detail for a smooth and successful charter experience. Keeping the focus on your business goal, budget and potential outcomes throughout is an integral part of the overall process and your yacht broker will be key in assisting you with this.

From booking an experienced corporate charter crew who are confident in dealing with large parties and off-site caterers to ensuring that the accommodation on board your charter yacht is suited to your party, you are able to create a tailor-made occasion like no other.

Subject to Maritime regulations, many luxury yachts can accommodate a maximum of eight to twelve charter guests, so for larger parties, it may be an option to incorporate a fleet of charter yachts. Although this will need reasonable notice and more preparation, the outcome can be truly spectacular.

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